Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods is our company’s chic mainstream introduction of Pakistani/Indian foods into the American markets. Our traditional products delight customers young and old with sleek, international appeal. We carry a variety of products including Cake Rusk, Classic Tea Rusk (aka Indian Rusk or crispy rusk), Nan-Khatai, Pheni, and Chickpeas.


Pheni has been a traditional breakfast delicacy in Asia for centuries. Made from patented wheat flour, these fine and light swirls simply melt in the mouth when served with warmed milk. Sprinkle some threads of saffron and a few chopped nuts to embellish your dish then add sugar or honey according to your taste – simply delicious.


It’s pre-fried in clarified butter (aka ghee) and is sold in cute round pieces. You put them in boiling milk for a perfect and easy to make dessert. You can find all Alpha Foods products at your nearest grocery stores in Texas and Florida and Georgia. Alpha Delicacies proudly brings eastern food and delicacies like Alpha Foods to USA ethic markets of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Illinois. Now available at your nearest store.