Alpha Foods

Alpha Foods is our company’s chic mainstream introduction of Pakistani/Indian foods into the American markets. Our traditional products delight customers young and old with sleek, international appeal. We carry a variety of products including Cake Rusk, Classic Tea Rusk (aka Indian Rusk or crispy rusk), Nan-Khatai, Pheni, and Chickpeas.

Cake Rusk

Cake Rusk - a light and crispy delight similar to Italian biscotti with a more delicate sweetness. It’s an ideal treat to indulge in with your breakfast tea or coffee.


It is usually eaten at breakfast with milk tea. Sometimes it is also called Papay on Indian Subcontinent. Alpha Delicacies proudly brings eastern food and delicacies like Alpha Foods to USA ethnic markets of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Illinois. Now available at your nearest store.

This and other Alpha Foods products are also sold at Alpha Dessert Juice Cafe in Sugar Land, TX and Houston, TX